Annual Retainer Program

The Annual Retainer Program was created with the help of our contractor and material supplier clients. Members need not hesitate to use the services available at no extra charge as part of the Program. Annual retainer clients are encouraged to contact us any time that it might help you avoid getting into a problem in the first place. For example, we will be happy to review and/or discuss with you contract provisions, waiver wording, extra documentation, payment work-outs, special situations, etc.

A primary goal of the Annual Retainer Program is to provide access to a construction attorney without fear of extra billing so as to avoid problems and do the best to prepare for and deal with them if they are unavoidable. We believe that this aspect of the program is unique and more valuable than services which will simply prepare a lien for you when needed.

Additionally, if a lien or bond claim must be filed, in most cases that will be done for a straight fee of $350.00 plus costs for tract search, recording, etc. This includes the normal attendant phone calls, letters, and/or meetings through the recording of the lien or bond claim up to either settlement or the decision to file suit. No additional charge will be billed unless a decision is made that there is a need to file suit, at which time we will proceed on a basis to be agreed upon with you at that time.

Additionally, we now offer a program designed to meet the special needs of those (primarily construction material suppliers) who would like a low-cost program for efficient processing of non-lien past-due accounts by an attorney attuned to construction matters.

For a fixed additional charge, we also offer Public Adjuster Contracts, Home Improvement Contracts and Independent Contractor/Non-Compete Agreements. The one time charge includes hard copies and emailed editable copies of the documents, with unlimited follow-up contact as needed.

You are invited to join our Annual Retainer Program by filling out our ARP Form and sending to our offices or by telephone at 1 (847) 510-2000.